Over 145 million years ago, our world was covered in ferns and conifers resulting in an expanse of green; until flowers appeared in the Cretaceous period and brought more color to our world.  The first flowers were swiftly diversified thanks to the insects and dinosaurs facilitating the pollination process.

Flowering plants are vital to existence. They constitute food sources that provide humans and animals the sustenance needed to survive.

Flowers also have a unique quality to inspire happiness.  Many flowers bloom just for a short period, usually in spring or early summer. Although short-lived, few things compare to the beauty of flowers in full bloom. Perhaps their transient yet incomparable beauty inspired the symbolic meanings of flowers across various world cultures.

Throughout civilization, flowers have been associated with certain myths and symbolism. Their fragility has come to represent both life and death and they sometimes are used to represent gods and goddesses. There is no doubt that flowers in full bloom are a universal expression of joy.

During the late 1800s in Europe, a new concept around flowers became popular. These stunning blooms became a way to represent people’s feelings. Communicating through flower arrangements helped articulate the unsaid. Soon, codebooks to decipher the language of flowers would make communication easier. For example, a field clover meant, “When can I see you again?” A red rose petal meant “Yes.” Green flowers signified the receiver’s heart was made of stone!

The days of complex flower codes may be long gone, but flowers continue to bring joy and meaning to our lives. We may never know who came up with National Plant A Flower Day, but the real question isn’t ”why?” but “why not?”

So Happy National Plant a Flower Day from the ABCO Systems WolfPack.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the beauty of flowers.