Pallet Rack Post Protectors

Product Name

Pallet Rack Post Protectors

Product Price:

$19.38 - $21.54

Pallet Rack Post Protectors

Rack post protectors are used to protect racking systems from external damage, creating a barrier between traffic collisions and sensitive rack posts.

Rack post protectors are composed of a 3/16” thick heavy steel curved plate welded to a base. Available in two standard heights: 12” & 18”  (custom sizes are also available upon request). The base plate of the rack post protector is made of 8 ¼” x 6” x ¼” thick steel plate and has a 5 ¼” x 4” inset, which fits rack posts up to 5”. The base plate contains (4) 5/8” punched holes, evenly spaced at each corner.

Rack post protectors should be securely bolted to the concrete floor using 1/2” x 4 ¼” anchor bolts (not included). Oven-cured in a powder-coated safety yellow paint finish for maximum visibility.