Used Shoe Sorter

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Used Shoe Sorter

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Dematic Model 2440 FlexSort ML Mid-Rate Slat Sorter.

42″ wide 134′-6″ Long

“12” Left Hand Sorts

“8” Existing

Divert rail for “4” Future Sorts (only need switch and controller)

Elevation 36″ top of Slat (Support included)

320FPM 5HP drive

Includes induction conveyor:

“1” 2 speed meter belt 10′-0″ Long (120/238FPM) 1.5HP

“1” Brake Belts 5′ Long (300FPM) 1HP

“2” Brake Belts 5′ Long (320FPM) 1HP

“1” In-Motion Scale 4′ Long (320FPM) 1HP

“1” Brake Belt 6′ Long (320FPM) 1HP

“8” 24″ Wide Skate wheel spur takeaways

Sorter can be purchased as a full turnkey installed project
or just the material alone.

Give us a call at (201) 507-0999 or send an email with any questions.