ABCO Systems is constantly striving to provide the most effective solution for our customers. Whether it be improving productivity, saving time, or saving space, our partner, Interlake Mecalux, has created a product that can do just that.  Interlake Mecalux Pallet Shuttle Systems.

By replacing forklifts, this radio shuttle solution considerably reduces operating times and enables SKUs to be grouped by channels rather than by entire lanes. The pallet shuttle system is a great way to increase the amount of inventory you can store in your warehouse. The system works with minimal clearances between levels, which permits high-density storage. By expanding vertically, you will be able to immediately see the abundance of storage space that was always available in your current warehouse.

The pallet shuttle system comes with many advantages that will seamlessly streamline your Warehouse Management System. The pallet shuttle system saves space and time, while increasing warehouse productivity and safety. With a load lifting cycle of just 2 seconds and with a single command, the shuttle can progressively fill up or empty out an entire lane by swiftly travelling at speeds of up to 295 ft/min.

The Pallet Shuttle system offers a compact storage solution that reduces operating costs and improves supply chain performance. This intelligent warehousing system allows for quick, repetitive, in and out pallet transfers.


Save space

  • Store more pallets deep, since channels can stand more than 131 ft high. The maximum verticality is determined by the handling equipment used.
  • The system works with minimal clearancesbetween levels, which permits high-density storage.
  • Built-in sensorson the shuttles help position loads intelligently, eliminating empty spaces in the storage lanes. As a result, the effective capacity of the warehouse (which considers goods flowing in and out of the warehouse) reflects its physical capacity.

Save time

  • Loading and unloading times are reduced, since the operator does not have to move around inside the lanes.
  • The shuttle can travel at speeds of 295 ft/min when empty, or 148 ft/min when loaded.
  • Load lifting cycle of just 2 seconds.
  • With just a single command, the shuttle can progressively fill or empty a whole lane.

For more information on the Interlake Mecalux Pallet Shuttle or additional services, products and solutions contact our team at ABCO Systems.


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