Center Supported Garment Rail

A full line of both steel and aluminum overhead rail systems equipment. Our knowledgeable staff will meet with you individually to help you maximize your material flow throughput and maximize your overall capacity utilization. Now more than ever return on investment (ROI) drives profit to the bottom line. Our overhead systems yield the highest possible capacity utilization in the smallest possible building footprint. This in turn minimizes overall asset infrastructure and leads to the best overall return on assets (ROA). At the end of the day if we can help you double your capacity potential then you will be able to dramatically increase your overall ROA and your ROI accordingly. Our trained staff will provide you with a plan that best suits your new or existing facilities potential. This will ensure that you receive the best overall solution that to help you maximize your financial ROI potential. Our trained technicians will install a turnkey system on a schedule that fits your demands and is least disruptive to your ongoing business.

Steel rail is created in a bridge truss design making it stronger and more durable. This design allows wider spans in tight spaces. Our steel rail system is a bolt together solution that’s easily installed and expanded without welding. This is ideal for truck shuttles operations.

Steel rail systems can be configured using both manual/automatic setting switch configurations. A multitude of power conveyors allows for easy floor to floor transport and elevation changes. Steel rail components are modular in form and are powder coated to provide a clean bright look to your facility. Our aluminum rail component parts are compatible with our steel rail parts as well.