ABCO Systems GOH Systems

Commercial Laundry and Uniform Solutions

pass-thru system storage

Commercial Laundry Storage Solutions and Commercial Laundry Sortation Solutions designed by the ABCO Systems will increase the efficiency and accuracy of your facility. Pass-Thru System Storage equips the Gartner storage rail with switches on both sides. This is a labor efficient system but commands a large footprint within your facility.

file system storage

File System Storage equips the Gartner storage rail with a single switch on one side. This is a cost- efficient system and commands a small footprint within your facility.

System information and tips:

  • Standard trolley capacities range from 45 to 60 garments.
  • Standard rail spacing is 2’-3 1/2” to 2’-7 1/2”.
  • Route Ready Storage can be floor supported;ceiling supported.
  • Typical upper platform storage will utilize the Filing Storage System.