ABCO Systems GOH Systems

Hanging Garment (GOH) Sorters

Garment-on-Hanger (GOH) System ships apparel faster, reduces labor, minimizes warehouse space, and delivers hanging garments in display-ready condition. It is an overhead system that stores, sequences, picks, and ships garments without removing them from hangers.

The use of GOH systems reduces labor both at distributions centers and at stores while keeping garments in pristine and display-ready conditions.

Benefits include:

  • No product creasing
  • Dramatically reduces manual labor cost associated with sortation
  • Simple machine design results in easy maintenance
  • Increased accuracy
  • Decreased processing time, fast delivery to stores

The Hanging Garment Sorter has been designed to reach an outstanding mechanical performance with unmatched efficiency and precision. Its simple design can be implemented in small to large companies. Its ability to read barcodes or RFID tags makes it easier to keep track of the garments and obtain important information that the database would gather. Perfect for industrial laundries, uniform rental companies, formalwear distributors, warehouses, e-commerce distributors, and garment manufacturers.