Unlocking the Secrets of Garment On Hanger Sortation System to Maximize Efficiency and Save Costs in Your Warehouse Operations

Unlocking the Secrets of Garment On Hanger Sortation System to Maximize Efficiency and Save Costs in Your Warehouse Operations

Warehouse and supply chain management can be a complicated process that requires streamlined operations to ensure smooth functioning. Every aspect of warehousing, such as sorting, picking, packing, and shipping, must be planned meticulously to meet the customer’s requirements and satisfy their preferences. When it comes to the garment industry, where multiple SKUs and sizes need to be managed under different brands, a proper sorting system is paramount. With over 50 years of experience in garment-on-hanger solutions, we have seen both the challenges and the advantages that can be presented. This blog post will discuss the garment-on-hanger sortation system, its advantages, and how it can be implemented to maximize efficiency and save costs. 

What is a Garment On Hanger Sortation System?

A Garment On Hanger (GOH) sortation system is an automated method of sorting, storing, and transporting garments. The system uses specialized equipment, such as overhead rail systems, conveyors, and sorters, to handle different types of clothes, hangers, and packaging. GOH systems increase productivity, reduce labor costs, and offer higher efficiency compared to traditional garment handling methods.

Advantages of a GOH Sortation System

Increased efficiency – The GOH sortation system is an automated process that can handle a high volume of garments quickly and efficiently. The system can sort, store, and transport the garments in a structured manner, eliminating chances of error and reducing handling time.

Better inventory management – The GOH system offers precise tracking and monitoring of garments, which helps the management team maintain an accurate inventory count. The system can also store garments in a designated location, making it easier for the team to locate and pick the desired garment quickly.

Higher storage capacity – With a GOH sorting system, there is less risk of damage and wastage of clothing, ensuring that the garments remain in good condition for longer. The system also offers higher storage capacity than conventional garment sorting methods, making it ideal for warehouses with limited space.

Sustainable operations – GOH systems help reduce the use of packaging materials, such as boxes and plastic bags, which contribute to environmental pollution. The system also offers more sustainable operations by increasing the lifespan of clothing, reducing carbon footprint, and promoting a circular economy. 

Implementation of a GOH Sortation System

Implementing the GOH sortation system requires proper planning, assessment, and execution. Here are some steps to consider when implementing the system:

  • Assessment of the warehouse layout – warehouses should have adequate space with overhead rails and conveyor systems to ensure the system can function effectively. It is advisable to conduct a feasibility study to identify the ideal areas where the system can be installed.
  • Integration of the system – the GOH sortation system should integrate with existing warehouse management systems to ensure seamless operations. This will require software development and hardware installation to ensure that the system can integrate into the existing environment.
  • Training and support – with any new technology implementation, there is often a need for training and support for the warehouse teams. The teams will need to understand how the system works, how to operate the equipment, and how to maintain it.

ABCO Systems is a premier provider of GOH sortation and storage solutions.  We have been installing GOH solutions for numerous apparel brands for over 50 years and bring this experience to all customers to provide the best solution to meet each customer’s unique needs.

For more information on ABCO’s GOH solutions

ABCO GOH Solutions


  • The Garment on Hanger (GOH) sortation system is an automated method of sorting, storing, and transporting garments, increasing productivity and reducing labor costs.
  • Benefits of the system include increased efficiency, better inventory management, higher storage capacity, and sustainable operations.
  • Implementation of the GOH sortation system requires assessment of the warehouse layout, integration with existing systems, and training for the warehouse team.
  • Integrating a GOH sortation system can help maximize efficiency and save costs in garment warehouses.
Out of the Box Solutions

Out of the Box Solutions

Out of the Box Solutions

ABCO Systems is pleased to be presenting our Out of the Box Solutions product line.

Out of the Box Solutions is our entry level gateway to technology.  In our incredibly fast changing world of distribution, we are at just the beginning.  The truth is that retail distribution has evolved into e-commerce by only 10%.  While that is a huge shift in any business model, it is clear that this is only the beginning.

If we are not beginning to evolve our own operations, we are quite literally going to be left behind.  With the ever-increasing cost of real estate and the ever-rising cost of labor, the best way to stay competitive is to maximize our space and increase our productivity.

Of course, one incredible tool to do this is through Automation.  The challenge of adding Automation clearly is that it is expensive.

That is where we come in…

ABCO Systems has been developing our Out of the Box Solutions product line.  This line is designed to allow our customers the ability to take advantage of entry level Automated Solutions that are most commonly used in Distribution Centers around the country.  And we have taken it one step further.  We have put in all the time and effort already.  We can (not-quite) literally take our solutions Out of the Box and implement them for you.

Because of this, this product line is less expensive, easier and quicker to install, and allows for a far faster ROI.  It allows our customers to spend a relatively small sum, begin the process learning about Automated Solutions, and increase their accuracy and productivity all at once.

Or course, each install will be tailored to fit the very specific requirements of each customer.  But the heavy lifting has already been done.  These base Systems can be expanded to achieve even great efficiencies over time as you begin to reap the rewards of Automation.

Let’s take advantage of all that technology has to offer together.  Call us today to start the process and check how our Out of the Box Solutions product line can help you.  We will do a no cost analysis to determine which, if any, of this line works for you.

Below is our first offering in this product line.  Look for some more emails in the next weeks for even more solutions.


Outbound Sorter

Is Your Fashion & Merchandise Warehouse Set Up for Efficiency?

Is Your Fashion & Merchandise Warehouse Set Up for Efficiency?

Customers that work with us are typically looking to do more than simply store merchandise. Instead, they are trying to control their own supply process, to use logistical efficiency to improve their bottom line and to increase cash flow even when their market share is stable. To do that, your organization and staging needs to move beyond the by-hand preparation and staging most operations start with. You need organizational systems that help you to know where everything is located, along with the physical tools that help you get your new displays showroom ready before a customer ever sees them.  Thats where ABCO Systems garment on hanger systems come into play.

How ABCO Systems Supports Fashion Retailers

Our garment on hanger systems are designed to store articles of clothing in ways that reduce the number of steps needed to get them ready for display. By setting up your warehouse to deliver products more efficiently to the showroom floor, you reduce the labor costs of your logistical support. These systems also offer a great deal of protection that is not offered by alternative storage and processing systems, including:

Improved protection for sensitive fabrics
Prevents decorative features like sequins from being disturbed by the weight of other garments
These systems improve oversight by making it easier to take inventory at a glance.

Planning for Success With Our Garment on Hanger Systems

To get the most out of your stockroom, you need to find the right balance of industry-specific equipment like our Garment on Hanger storage system and traditional tools like mezzanines, pallet racks, and other warehouse supplies. Planning for success means finding the supplier who will be able to meet all of your warehousing needs in one place. Luckily, not only do we offer some of the most sophisticated garment storage on the market today, we also carry a wide variety of general warehouse equipment too.

Take a look at our product list and see what reorganizing your stockroom for efficiency can do for you.

Improving Garment Storage With Specialized Equipment

Warehouse industry insiders know that there is much more to the storage of goods and materials than stacking boxes. In fact, there are many different pieces of equipment available that boost organization, speed retrieval, and assist handling. A garment on hanger system is the very best way of storing clothing items, especially bulky items like winter coats and delicate items like gowns. In fact, goh systems have helped make fashion a truly global enterprise. Without specialized equipment like these hanger systems, fashion houses and design firms could not securely transport their items to distant locations.

Simplifying Transport and Storage

Garment on hanger systems allow for the safe and convenient storage of many different types of clothing items. These systems are actually preferred by members of the fashion and design industries for numerous reasons. For instance:

  • Our Garment on Hanger system lets warehouse workers see at a glance how many items are on hand, thereby improving oversight.
  • Hanging systems prevent delicate fabrics from getting crushed.
  • Special decorative features, such as crystals or sequins, are not disrupted by the weight of other goods.
  • The integrity of fine materials such as silk, leather, fur, suede, and satin is perfectly preserved so goods are ready for sale.
  • Exclusive garments and other specialty items have a much better chance of arriving at their intended destination in perfect condition.

Storing items like coats, gowns, and suits upright prevents damage and leaves them ready for the sales floor. Retailers experience less loss, which makes them more satisfied with material handling companies like yours.

Adding Garment on Hanger Systems to Your Warehouse

Investing in the right storage equipment makes warehouses better able to meet the changing needs of the companies they serve. Offering assurances to customers regarding the special handling of garments and other goods positions your company as a leader in storage and transport.

The fashion industry depends on transport and storage companies to safely move goods from one place to another. Warehouses can rise to the challenge with the help of specialized equipment.