Using a Systems Integrator to Design and Deliver Your Customized Solution

Using a Systems Integrator to Design and Deliver Your Customized Solution

When it comes time to automate your warehouse, the options can be overwhelming. However, there is a streamlined way to get a smarter warehouse – a systems integrator. Relying on the expertise of a systems integrator is an easier way to make decisions, and it results in smarter, more cost-effective solutions that are tailor-made for every warehouse.

What is a Systems Integrator?

A systems integrator is a company that designs, sources, and implements warehouse solutions. They marry all the important components together to create a customized, efficient process that revolutionizes the speed and productivity of warehouses.

The choices for how to automate a warehouse are virtually endless, and choosing the right solutions for your unique workplace can be daunting. That’s why ABCO Systems works as a system integrator to create end-to-end fulfillment solutions. We offer 80+ warehouse solutions from a single source, making it easy to pick and choose what’s best for your company and what you need.

We help create an entire system that is highly customized, and tailored to your needs.

End-to-End Solutions

As systems integrators, we work with every industry imaginable. We work with each warehouse to create a customized, efficient module that keeps everything running smoothly. Our experts assist in picking modules that address the specific problem that is holding your warehouse back from having fast, smooth process flows.

Below are some of our most popular solutions:

Conveyor Systems Technologies

Transporting materials around a warehouse can be very time-consuming, physical work. With a conveyor system, that all becomes easier. A mechanical device or assembly will transport the materials instead of using human labor. There are many different conveyor systems, and ABCO Systems can help you determine the best one for your warehouse.


Sortation systems identify items on a conveyor, diverting them to specific destinations within a warehouse.  Automated sortation utilizes technology to sort the materials rather than relying on the labor force, reducing labor-intensive tasks and increasing the efficiency and accuracy of sortation. 

Print and Apply

With a print-and-apply machine, workers can print labels on demand. Additionally, many of the machines come with a label applicator, reducing the need for human interaction. Print and apply technology increases efficiency and decreases human error.

The print and apply label systems automatically create and attach shipping labels to containers. The strategy behind a print and label machine is to create labels that are applied directly to what is being shipped rather than relying on hand labeling, allowing warehouses to streamline their labeling process and boost operational efficiency.


Put-to-light is an automated technology that is typically used in eCommerce. It is a perfect technology for warehouses that deal in high-volume fulfillment operations with many SKUs that are looking to increase productivity without increasing labor costs.

This technology is ideal for warehouses with large batches of products that need to be sorted into individual orders. A put-to-light technology helps complete this task in an accurate and productive way. Workers can break larger quantities of a product into individual customer order sizes quickly and efficiently.

Dimensioning and Check Weighing

Today’s technologies give you the power to quickly measure and weigh your parcels on the fly. Using infrared light technology, a dimensioning and weighing system is an efficient and reliable solution for manifesting or re-weigh applications.

How Systems Integration Works

A systems integration process has reliable, easy steps:

  1. We meet with you to obtain information important to the project
  2. We perform a field audit to understand the current systems
  3. We offer automation recommendations to help increase efficiencies
  4. We create drawings, implement any customer revisions, write specifications, and prepare the budget
  5. We implement the solutions

The process works with your timeline and your budget.

If your warehouse is ready to get started on creating individually tailored, fast, and efficient solutions, contact us today.