ABCO Systems LLC Acquires FastFetch

ABCO Systems LLC is pleased to announce that we have acquired FastFetch. This strategic move is set to expand ABCO ‘s and FastFetch’s reach within the Warehousing and Distribution industry by bringing faster, more accurate, and cost-effective technologies to a wider audience. 

FastFetch, renowned for its unique product group, offers a range of solutions that help E-Commerce distribution facilities significantly increase their pick rates by up to 5x in certain cases. This achievement in efficiency propels businesses to new heights of productivity and profitability. Additionally, FastFetch’s state-of-the-art cubing software empowers E-Commerce distribution centers to curtail shipping costs substantially by efficiently selecting the right-sized cartons for shipping.

The original suite of product offerings from FastFetch can be found in the links below.  We intend to continue to build, grow and improve these offerings in the years to come.

View The FastFetch by ABCO Systems Product Line Here:

Pick Cell Solutions

Dynamic Slotting

Batch Picking Cart Solution

Automobile Assembly Line Kitting