Batch Picking Cart Solution

Batch Picking Cart Solution


Batch Picking Carts

Batch picking, sometimes referred to as cluster picking, increases the efficiency of distribution center operations by enabling an individual picker to pick multiple orders with one trip through the picking area.

Batch picking solution combines the best features of pick-to-light, put-to-light, voice, and wireless barcode scanning technologies into a single cart-based solution that yields significant increases in both the speed and accuracy of piece picking.

Pick Smarter, Not Harder

This very flexible technology reduces walking with its batching of orders enabling the completion of up to 50 orders in one trip. We use AI-technology and advanced mathematical models to calculate the shortest route between all items on the pick list. This provides huge time savings and reduces the wear and tear on equipment.

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System Overview

  • Voice guides the picker through the picking process.
  • Lights on product bays highlight pick locations and display pick quantities.
  • Lights on the cart highlight put locations and put quantities.
  • Wireless barcode scanning is an alternative to light-directed picking to confirm that the right product was picked.
  • The entire process is orchestrated by a tablet PC without the need for continuous connectivity to a host computer.



  • Pickers work in a hands-free, heads-up mode
  • Fast, accurate order fulfillment
  • Easy to interface to customer’s WMS
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for auditing and packing
  • Minimizes travel time in the DC to pick products
  • Flexible reconfiguration to meet changing business needs
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to maintain
  • Low-cost entry point with incremental expansion path
  • Excellent ROI with short pay-back period
Batch Picking Cart
Batch Picking Cart
Batch Picking Cart