Garment on Hanger (GOH)

Garment on Hanger (GOH)


In the dynamic world of fashion retail, efficiency is paramount. The handling and delivery of clothing items on hangers require precision and care, making Automated Garment on Hanger (GOH) systems a difference maker for fulfillment centers. The GOH system is an overhead storage, transport,

and sortation system for fast and easy storage, retrieval, sortation, and consolidation of customer orders.


ABCO Systems has a complete product range for all GOH transportation and sortation requirements — for example, pin conveyor, clip conveyor, unisort, and manual slick rail. The modular design of these systems easily enables different functionalities, such as transportation, accumulation, decline/incline, and sortation.



This is your life: You want to satisfy your e-Commerce customers with fast delivery and your stores with aisle ready shipments; your business is growing but you have no room to expand; you cannot find good labor.


The (GOH) overhead system can help.

With the GOH system you can

  • Get orders out the door fast
  • Grow in your existing space
  • Reduce labor costs
Conveyor-Based GOH Systems:

Overhead Conveyor Systems: These systems consist of a network of overhead tracks, hooks, and hangers. GOH items are suspended from these hooks, allowing for smooth transportation throughout the fulfillment center. Overhead conveyor systems are efficient for space optimization and gentle handling of garments while maintaining open floors.

Floor-Mounted Conveyor Systems: Similar to overhead systems, floor-mounted conveyors use a network of tracks, but the hangers move along the floor. These systems are suitable for fulfillment centers with height limitations.

AS/RS-Based GOH Systems:

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS): AS/RS technology uses automated cranes or shuttles to retrieve and store GOH inventory in high-density racks. It maximizes vertical space utilization, making it ideal for facilities with limited floor space.

GOH Carousel Systems:

Vertical Carousel Systems: Vertical carousels consist of rotating shelves that store GOH items. When an order is placed, the carousel rotates to present the needed garments, minimizing the distance workers need to travel.

Robotic GOH Systems:

Robotic GOH Handlers: These systems deploy advanced robotic arms equipped with grippers and sensors to handle GOH items. Robots navigate the fulfillment center, picking garments with precision. They reduce manual labor and enhance order accuracy.

GOH Storage and Retrieval Solutions:


Static GOH Racks: While not fully automated, static GOH racks provide efficient storage and retrieval. Garments are hung on racks equipped with wheels, making them easy to move within the facility.

Dynamic GOH Storage and Retrieval: Dynamic solutions combine conveyors, elevators, and storage buffers to optimize GOH storage and retrieval. These systems ensure garments are easily accessible and can be retrieved efficiently for order fulfillment.

GOH Sorting and Packing Systems:

Sortation and Packing Systems: Automated sortation systems identify and route GOH items to their designated packing stations. This minimizes manual handling and reduces errors during packing. Some systems even automate labeling and packing slip insertion.

GOH Quality Control Systems:

Machine Vision Inspection: Machine vision systems use cameras and advanced image processing to inspect GOH items for defects or damage. Items that don’t meet quality standards are automatically flagged for further inspection or removal from orders.

Customized GOH Systems:

Tailored Solutions: Some fulfillment centers opt for customized GOH systems tailored to their unique needs. These solutions are designed to optimize operations and address specific challenges.

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Automated Garment on Hanger (GOH) systems are reshaping the fashion fulfillment landscape, offering diverse solutions to address unique challenges. From conveyor-based and AS/RS systems to robotic handlers, fashion retailers have a wide array of tools at their disposal. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, embracing these innovations ensures fulfillment centers can meet customer demands, reduce errors, and provide a seamless shopping experience.