Sell Us Equipment

Sell Us Your Material Handling Equipment

As a warehouse or storage facility undergoes development to improve infrastructure and streamline operations, certain pieces of equipment may become obsolete. Instead of scrapping these items, recoup some of your initial investment by selling used pallet racks and other items directly to ABCO Systems. We specialize in providing high quality new and pre-owned warehouse storage solutions to facilities across the country. The items you no longer need can still be a valuable asset to your organization.

Direct Sale Is Simple and Convenient

Trying to sell pre-owned warehouse equipment on the second-hand market can be complicated, time consuming, and ultimately very frustrating. Familiar auction sites typically charge high fees for listing and are likely to take a percentage of the final sale price as well. Listing specialty equipment such as goh storage systems can be very difficult; furthermore, few people use these auction sites to find warehouse and goods handling necessities.

Selling unneeded equipment to ABCO Systems is much simpler. There are several factors that set us apart:

  • We have been in the warehouse equipment business for years and have helped many businesses deaccession all kinds of items.
  • We can offer a fair price for everything from used pallet racks to conveyers; virtually every type of warehouse equipment can be considered.
  • Direct sale to us saves you considerable time compared to listing items on sales sites, auction sites, and online classifieds.
  • Because we are a trusted source for new and pre-owned equipment, we are constantly looking to renew our stock. This means that you can transform unused equipment into cash in less time.

Fund YourNext Expansion

Fans, mezzanines, and much more can all be considered during liquidation. Our team members are highly experienced with value assessment, so you can be sure that we are offering the most competitive price for everything you have to sell. Transform unnecessary assets into working capital to fund the next stage of your business growth.