EuroSort Single Split Tray Sorter

Often imitated, never duplicated


B10 Cold Storage

The EuroSort Single Split Tray Sorter sets the benchmark for Bomb-Bay sorters worldwide. Our unique bombay tray design, enriched by two decades of development and rigorous testing, delivers unmatched efficiency, handling capability, and precision in a streamlined, compact form.

Why You’ll want it: a distinct eurosort innovation


Our Single Split Tray Sorter stands out in the split tray/bombay sorter arena with its patented linkage technology. This innovation ensures the most accurate item discharge among split tray sorters, allowing for more compact sorting destinations and a smaller system footprint.

This sorter is equipped with a concave tray surface, making it adept at handling a diverse range of items, from non-conveyable goods and irregularly shaped objects to loose apparel and round items, all within the confines of the single split tray.

Performance overview

  • Applicable Industries: Apparel and Accessories, Books, Pharmaceuticals, Jewelry, Postal and Parcel, Laundry
  • Throughput: 3,000 to 17,000 trays per hour
  • Item Size Range: From 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.1 inches to 19 x 21.5 x 8 inches
  • Weight Capacity: 0.01 lbs to 25 lbs

Single Split Tray Sorter Advantages

  • Flat-Drop Technology: Our sorters feature a patented mechanism for perfectly flat discharges, ensuring items land safely and securely in their destination, enhancing sorting accuracy and reducing potential product damage.
  • Manual Induction Ease: Our design enables easy, safe manual induction thanks to slower sorter speeds, closely spaced trays, and a safety-centric tray design, boosting throughput without the complications.
  • Flex Drive System: Our innovative system uses a distributed network of motors and patented tray connections, allowing for flexible sorter configurations and an unlimited sorter length, thus enhancing reliability and adaptability.
  • Safe Tray Design: With closely spaced trays, no sharp edges, necessary finger guards, and carefully designed touchpoints, we prioritize safety without compromising on efficiency.
  • No-Touch Pack Out: A tight discharge pitch, enabled by our patented mechanism, allows for more compact sorter designs or increased destination counts, all while improving accuracy.
  • No-Weld Framework: Our sorters are built on an 85% aluminum frame that foregoes the need for welding, offering ease of installation and expansion.
  • Heavy Duty Tray Options: Our sorters are designed for durability, capable of sorting items up to 25 lbs per tray, suitable for even the most demanding postal environments.
  • Smallest Discharge Pitch: With a discharge pitch significantly smaller than competitors, our sorters boast superior accuracy, allowing for a more efficient sorter layout.
  • Unbagged/Loose Item Sorting Capability: Capable of handling items with or without polybags, our sorters facilitate cost savings and environmental benefits.
  • Quiet Operation: Engineered for minimal noise, our sorters operate below 70 dB, potentially making them the quietest machines in your facility.