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abco system commitment to sustainability

By implementing a Metal Recycling Plan we help reduce energy consumption by 72% compared to virgin ore mining.

ABCO Systems has Recycled over 2.3 Million pounds of steel in 2019 and 1.5 Million pounds of steel in 2020 as part of its eco-friendly business model. The vast majority of our customers value the environment and prefer to work with vendors that are committed to sustainability efforts in their supply chain.  ABCO Systems mission is to always do the right thing and our view towards sustainability is no different.

Sustainability. Material handling

The road to your success does not need to negatively impact the environment

Our approach to material handling equipment that has become obsolete or no longer meets the changing needs of the customer is two pronged.

Our primary objective is to re-purpose the equipment with the customer or another that can still find value in the used equipment. Second, we recycle as many components possible.  We recycle when older equipment is damaged and poses a danger or can no longer reliably function. Every pound that we recycle reduces the impact that mining has on the ground, water and air.

Together we can create solutions that benefit our businesses and the world we share

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