Creating the next generation of intelligent robotics


B10 Cold Storage

With Mujin, automation has never been easier. The MujinController is a platform that allows robots to perform virtually any application, with perception, awareness and autonomous decision-making – no custom development or training algorithms required.
That means faster startup and seamless integration without constant monitoring or regular human intervention. It’s fully automated automation.

Raising the bar for robotic palletizing


Mujin is paving the way for the future of robotics. Our advanced technology optimizes automation for real-world applications – not just theoretical models. Our technology is proven through over a decade of experience and hundreds of implementations in production environments.

A new standard for warehouse piece picking robots

As fulfillment operations contend with growing inventories and demanding delivery expectations, our advanced technology offers a proven solution to fully automate the labor-intensive order fulfillment process. Mujin piece picking robots can place small items in deep containers without unwanted collisions, as well as handle more advanced tasks such as six-face in-the-air barcode scanning and mixed-item sorting.

Robotic Arm Options



Mujin can use robotic arms from any major manufacturer, giving you the freedom to choose the right one for your specific load, reach and footprint requirements.

Gripper Options


Use an off-the-shelf gripper, choose from one of our standard grippers or let us design one for your unique application – we’re hardware agnostic. Create a gripping solution tailored to your packaging and containers – whether totes, bags, cases or other types.

Vision Systems



Mujin guides you to select the right 3D vision technology and peripheral sensors, even incorporating several types of sensors in the same application. We combine all data under one platform, enabling robots to accurately measure the position and orientation of objects, check containers for deformities and continuously monitor the depalletizing process.