EuroSort Push Tray Sorter

About the EuroSort Push Tray sorter


B10 Cold Storage

The EuroSort Push-Tray Sorter stands as a pinnacle of versatility and adaptability in the sorting industry, masterfully handling a diverse range of items from apparel and shoe boxes to microwaves and gift cards with unmatched ease. Embodying our “If it Fits, It Sorts” philosophy, this sorter is designed to meet the dynamic needs of various products with precision and efficiency.

All-in-one sorting solution


Understanding the fluctuating nature of product assortments—from apparel one day to promotional toys the next—requires a sorting solution that can adapt on the fly. The EuroSort Push Tray Sorter rises to this challenge with a design that contains items effectively within three walls and employs a mechanical divert for gentle, precise handling of every item, big or small. This innovation not only conserves space and cost by reducing the need for multiple machines but also boosts productivity and operational efficiency.

Key advantages of the push tray sorter

  • Ease of Manual Induction: Designed for simplicity, our sorter operates at slower speeds with closely packed trays, making manual loading not just easy but safe, ensuring high throughput without the complexity.
  • Flex Drive System: Our innovative system uses a network of small motors in conjunction with patented tray connections, allowing for unlimited sorter length and the ability to handle inclines, declines, and complex turns, enhancing reliability and flexibility.
  • Safety-Focused Tray Design : We prioritize safety and efficiency by designing trays to be closely spaced, eliminating the dangers and inefficiencies found in other sorting technologies and creating a worry-free sorting process.
  • Direct No-Touch Sorting: Leveraging a patented discharge mechanism, our sorter achieves the industry’s smallest discharge pitch, enabling direct sorting into containers and eliminating the need for secondary handling.
  • Modular, No-Weld Design: Our sorters feature an 85% aluminum construction that forgoes welding, simplifying installation and future expansions, and providing unparalleled system modularity.
  • Heavy-Duty Sorting Capability With the ability to sort items up to 50 lbs per carrier, our sorter is equipped to handle the demands of the postal and consumer goods sectors with ease.
  • Unmatched Discharge Accuracy: Our sortation solutions offer a discharge pitch significantly smaller than competitors’, resulting in superior accuracy and allowing for a more compact sorter footprint or increased destination count within the available space.
  • Gentle Handling for Fragile Items: Our sorters gently divert items into chutes, ensuring that even the most delicate items, like electronics and jewelry, are sorted without damage.
  • Eco-Friendly Sorting for Unbagged Items: Capable of sorting items with or without polybags, our solutions not only offer cost savings but also contribute to environmental sustainability.
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: EuroSort has achieved exceptional levels of quiet operation, with noise levels below 70 dB, making our sorters possibly the quietest machines in any facility.