Carton Shuttle


Pick to Light Solutions

Addverb’s versatile carton shuttle, Quadron automates storage and retrieval of goods in cartons, crates, and totes up to 30 kg. The shuttle-based storage system equipped with vertical lifts and specialised racking enables high throughput and storage density. Quadron allows double deep storage thereby enabling you to store, buffer, and sequence the inventory to increase the productivity of your warehousing operations.

Carton Shuttle is a versatile automated storage and retrieval system for cartons, crates, and totes. This innovative shuttle-based storage solution, equipped with vertical lifts and specialised racking, enables efficient high-throughput operations. By allowing double-deep storage, it enhances productivity and maximises storage density in your distribution centre by effortlessly storing, buffering, and sequencing inventory.

Enhancing warehouse efficiency with our shuttle-based automated storage and retrieval system. With its advanced technology and intelligent design, the Carton Shuttle maximises space utilisation, accelerates order fulfilment, and enhances inventory management, delivering streamlined and optimised warehouse operations.


Designed to transport goods from one point to another quickly and efficiently, allowing for greater productivity and streamlined processes. Carton shuttles can help to organize products in the warehouse, making it easier for workers to locate and retrieve items as needed.

  • Max Payload: 50 kg
  • Space Utilization: 36 Totes/sq. m
  • Speed: 4 m/s
  • Throughput: 115 Totes/hour (for 30 m track)

Storage Optimization


Quadron can help optimise storage space by organising goods in a compact and efficient manner. They can be used to stack and store cartons in high-density storage systems.

Order Picking


Quadron can be used to facilitate the order picking process by bringing goods to the pick stations. This can help to reduce the time and effort required for order picking and increase productivity.



Quadron can be used for sequencing by transporting and organising products in a specific order. This can be done by programming the shuttle system to follow a particular sequence for storing or retrieving products.