Let ABCO Help You With Building Permit Applications

ABCO Systems can facilitate your permit application process. We do this literally every single day and we can absolutely help you to expedite it. We are experts in permit facilitation in the tri-state area, so please feel free to use ABCO Systems as a resource for your permit needs.

What We Need From You For Your Building Permit Application

In order to submit a permit package in any state, we need to provide the following:

  • Building Calculations
  • Egress Path
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Electric Plans
  • Fire Protection based on Commodity Class

All of these items need to be signed and sealed by a professional engineer.

Specifications for NJSEA Applicants

For those of you applying for a permit in the state of New Jersey, here is the process of permit facilitation with the NJSEA:

  1. Once the entire package has been put together and all of the paperwork has been filled out, we go to the town where you plan to build to get a stamp that shows they have received the package.
  2. The town then gives us the package back and we need to bring it to the NJSEA. The NJSEA does the zoning and the building plan review. We have to include a check for the NJSEA, which ultimately pays for the plan review.
  3. Once they complete and approve their review, they call us back in to pick up the plans. We then take the plans back to the town. The town then calculates the actual permit fee. Once we pay for and pick up the permit, we can begin the work.
  4. Once we complete the work, we have to call the town in for an inspection. When we pass the town inspection, we then have to call the NJSEA in for their inspection. Upon approval from the NJSEA we are complete and get the final CO.

As you can see, the permit application process has many steps and can be difficult to execute on your own. ABCO Systems can help with permit facilitation in addition to your warehousing and distribution center needs. Give us a call today at (201) 507-0999 or get a quote online now!