Automations Solutions – Sortation

Advances in technology have increased the efficiency of warehouse processes in many ways. These technologies can now augment the work of humans as well as automate tedious, manual tasks allowing the labor team to focus on more complex tasks. Warehouse automation takes on many forms, such as machines and robots, that assist workers with distribution-related processes that start when goods arrive at the warehouse all the way through when they leave the building. Implementing warehouse automation solutions can help increase the productivity and accuracy of those processes while reducing labor costs and improving overall safety.

This does not equate to robots replacing the need for human workers. These automation solutions take on the tedious tasks that required long hours of work and allow employees to focus on other less labor-intensive aspects of the distribution process, providing a safer environment for all involved.  Warehouse automation can cover everything from unloading trailers to fulfilling orders, but humans are still a vital part of the process.

One technology that is a part of automation is Sortation.  Manual sortation requires the labor force to organize, categorize and separate products and materials.  Automating this process can reduce the labor intensity of the overall process.  A sortation device identifies individual items on a conveyor system and is able to divert them to their proper location using a variety of discharge methods..

One of the strategic partners ABCO Systems is aligned with is EuroSort. In 2001, EuroSort emerged from a need for a solution to manage the growing number of irregularly shaped items requiring sortation in warehouses.  The first EuroSort sorter design was the Split Tray Sorter, which quickly caught on in the industry.  EuroSort learned from each installation of the Split Tray Sorter and the design was augmented and refined over time.  With the rising demand for sortation, EuroSort continued to release new sortation solutions such as the  Dual Split Tray, Push Tray, Twin Push Tray, Cross Tray, Sweeper, and Push Bar Sorters.

Let’s look at the EuroSort Push Bar Sorter.  This sortation solution was first installed in 2004 and then re-introduced in 2019 after further cultivation of the technology.  The Push Bar Sorter offers a wide range of sortable products, extreme layout flexibility, and easy scalability to allow for a fast ROI and a significant increase in productivity.

The EuroSort PushBar Sorter affords precise bi-directional sorting using an overhead push divert. This allows for the accurate discharge of a large variety of products into an extremely tight destination like an outbound carton or mailsack.  The system is designed to be space-conscious and requires a minimum of maintenance.

The EuroSort Push Bar Sorter accurately sorts items from as small as a single business card or individual polybag up to a 30-inch carton at rates of up to 3,000 items/hour.  The system is also becoming a reliable solution for linear sortation at a more affordable cost.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of the EuroSort Push Bar Sorter:

  • Modular Construction – The ultimate in flexibility!
  • Manual Induction Ease – Save money, reduce complications, and increase your flexibility with a machine that allows for manual induction.
  • No-touch Pack Out – The tightest discharge pitch in the industry enables the sorting of items directly into the outbound carton/tote/container with no secondary touch during pack out.
  • No Weld Framework – Easy installation, easy expansion, and superior modularity of your sortation system.
  • Smallest Discharge Pitch – Increased accuracy allows for a smaller discharge pitch and a denser sorter footprint.
  • Gentle Push Product Handling – Sorting your fragile items without damage!
  • Quiet As a Mouse Operation – Noise levels below 70db
  • Low Budget Friendly – High-quality automation without the high price tag.


Key Takeaways:

  • Automation does not replace human labor, it takes on the more tedious aspects of the distribution process
  • Automating the sortation of a diverse array of products can increase the accuracy and efficiency of your distribution
  • Sortation automation can be flexible and space efficient
  • Sortation automation solutions can be cost-effective and implemented without disruption to your workday or current processes.


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