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e-commerce fulfillment center design

E-commerce-Fulfillment Center Design is a focus of the ABCO Systems design team. The idea that businesses can exist solely from a storefront is no longer a viable business plan. The need for an online presence is now a necessity for your business survival.

ABCO Systems has helped both large and small e-commerce companies meet the online demand of their customers for nearly 20 years. If you are a small business looking for a scalable solution to get you started or an established e-commerce retailer that needs to efficiently process thousands of orders per hour, we can help you get there.

Over the years retailers became super efficient at filling stores with full cases to stock shelves across the country. Companies even created mixed box orders or “pre-packs” that were made at the point of manufacture. This, in no way, prepared them for the expectations of the online shopper.

Each Picking

The reduction in the labor required for each picking is paramount to the survival of an e-commerce warehouse. There are many technologies and processes that can reduce costs, improve order accuracy, and get orders to the customers faster. The right solution will be based on the order data that is specific to your company. Our team will help you understand that data and what solution will work best for you and your team.

Pick to Light Systems have been around for over twenty years and will provide guided paperless picking for orders. This will help new employees get picking in just minutes. Orders are fulfilled using a light directed process that includes the location and quantity of the item required.

Zone Routing systems allow managers to assign pickers to zones which reduces the pickers movement and lets them focus on efficiently picking their area. Quality e-commerce warehouse management systems will route picking totes only to zones where picks are required. Managers can balance workflow to maximize the output of each employee.

Batch Picking

If during our data analysis we discover that you may be better served to pick orders in batches and sort them into orders, we will suggest a solution that will streamline that process.

Put to Light Solutions are a low-cost way for e-commerce fulfillment centers to gain some efficiencies in their order picking. Pickers will efficiently pick from stock locations to totes and either send them to sorting on carts or conveyors.  At the sorting area, a series of lighted Put Walls will direct the operator to divide up the mixed tote into openings. Each opening represents an order that needs to be filled.

Flat Goods Sorters

The use of a flat goods sorter is recommended when your e-commerce warehouse requires even greater throughput or is looking for even greater labor savings. In this solution, batch picked items are automatically sorted using high-resolution scanners and a product appropriate sort technology. In the case of garments, this may include hanging garment sorters or Bombay Sorters. Personal care products and food may require a more gentle sort as with an Optimus Sorter.

Goods to Person Solutions

“Goods to person” solutions allow operators to pick upwards of 1000 lines per hour. Items in totes are delivered to pickers that efficiently place goods into a group of waiting orders. The Opex System provides for dense, secure, and efficient storage of products. These systems can be expensive and may work best for a portion of your orders.

Whatever the size of your business our team of engineers will deliver an E-commerce-Fulfillment Center Design solution that will meet both your current and future needs.

High-Speed Shoe Sorters are capable of sorting virtually anything

Panther Print and Apply Systems. Fast and Reliable

In-Line High-Speed Cubiscan Dimensioner

Shipping solutions

Once orders are packed, there are various types of automation that can help lower labor that will lower the cost to ship your customers packages.

Outbound Shipping Sorters

Will quickly sort and deliver outbound cartons to either pallets or outbound shipping doors. The speed of these sorters can be as low as several cartons per minute or up to hundreds of cartons per minute. Our design teams will direct you to the sorter that is right for your e-commerce fulfillment center.

Dimensioning and Check Weighing

Automating the task of weighing your outbound cartons can save labor and reduce shipping errors. When E-Commerce-Fulfillment Centers are at their peak, every second counts. The use of a check weighing system can not only get the orders out faster, it can check the actual weight against the expected weight and reject it when wrong. This results in better customer experiences, less costly returns, and more revenue. The addition of a dimensioning device will make sure that you are charging the correct shipping costs and not being back charged for dim-weight errors.

Print and Apply Systems

Print and Apply systems are great weight to further automate your E-Commerce-Fulfillment Centers outbound shipping conveyor system. You can reliably apply labels to your outbound carton using the data collected from the check weigher (in-line scale) and dimensioner.

You can virtually tour our latest E-commerce-Fulfillment designs here.

Truck Loaders and Unloaders

Streamlining the unload and loading of products and orders is essential to reducing labor costs. This can be accomplished using the gravity extendable conveyor or powered belted conveyor. The system solutions recommended would depend on the number of inbound and outbound cartons being shipped. Our team can guide you towards the solution that has the best ROI.

ABCO Systems provides both startups and established “brick and mortar” retail with insights into industry trends and provides solutions that reduce costs and improves shipping times. Contact us today to have an ABCO engineer work with you on the right solution for your business.