Pick-to-Light Solutions

Simple, Efficient, Affordable Order Fulfillment

Pick-to-light solutions
Pick to Light Solutions
Pick to Light Solutions

Pick-to-light technology is widely accepted as a means of improving the speed and accuracy of order fulfillment. With a pick-to-light strategy, light modules with numerical displays are placed adjacent to product locations. Picking areas are typically divided into zones, and a picker is assigned to handle all picking tasks within a zone. Zones operate like independent work cells on an assembly line.

When a tote representing a customer order arrives in a picking zone—often on a conveyor—the picker scans a barcode on the tote to signal that the tote has arrived. At this point, numerical displays in the zone show the quantities of the various products that should be picked and placed into the tote.

After completing a pick, the picker confirms the pick with a “touchless” proximity switch by waving his hand near a flashing light on the light module. This “touchless” proximity switch eliminates problems caused by mechanical buttons that wear out.

System Overview


  • the picking area is divided into zones, and a picker is assigned to each zone.
  • All product locations must employ lights to highlight pick locations and display pick quantities.
  • Picking within a zone is typically limited to one order at a time.
  • Pick-to-light systems work well when all products in an order are fast movers.



  • Uses a light-sensitive proximity switch to confirm picks rather than a mechanical button
  • Optionally supports displays of text and graphics on a monitor within each zone



  • Fast and accurate order fulfillment
  • Paperless operation
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to maintain
  • Lights and ancillary hardware can be sealed in water-light channels for operations in harsh environments
  • Orders can be customized based upon special instructions displayed when an order reaches a zone