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Put Wall
Put Wall

A put wall is a collection of compartments into which products can be places as an intermediate step in order fulfillment. When used for e-commerce order fulfillment, for example, each compartment contains a customer order. For store replenishment, put wall compartments contain orders for particular stores. Put walls often employ one side for putting products into compartments and the other side for packing completed orders.

Put wall technology employs lights on each of the individual put-side compartments to support the light-directed putting tasks. Likewise, lights are optionally used on the pack side to highlight completed orders. To fulfill a collection of orders, the required products are first gathered in bulk and transported to the put wall. The individual items are then scanned which causes one or more lights on compartments in the put wall to display the quantity needed for an individual order.

When all of the products for a given order have been placing into the proper compartments, lights on the pack side of the put wall are activated to indicate that the order is ready to pack. Variations in this strategy can be employed to allow multiple workers to complete putting and packing tasks concurrently at the same put wall.

System Overview


  • Put walls are ideal when picking low-velocity SKU’s from large areas.
  • Put walls provide efficient strategies for order building for both individual e-commerce orders and store orders.
  • Optionally integrates with cart-based batch picking system for gathering bulk products.
  • Needed items arrive at the put wall, are scanned, and lights associated with individual compartments indicate orders requiring the scanned product.
  • Lights on the pack side highlight completed orders.



  • Employs barcode scanning to identify a particular product and light-directed putting to place the product into the correct compartment
  • Items can be picked in bulk for multiple put walls
  • Can dynamically allocated compartments to orders
  • Supports multiple workers working simultaneously on both the put and pack sides
  • Can process waves with more orders than put wall compartments by reusing compartment that have been packed



  • Fast and accurate order fulfillment for e-commerce and store replenishment
  • Paperless operation
  • Scalable and flexible to accommodate changing business needs
  • Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to maintain
  • Speeds fulfillment by using multiple workers simultaneously on both the put and pack sides
  • Reduces walking time by dynamically assigning orders to compartments close to the last put location