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warehouse and distribution center custom automation

ABCO Systems has been helping companies with their Material Handling Integration for over 30 years. Having served the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Tri-State area for decades, and with our current growth across the country, our approach to the integration process is based of experience and acquired knowledge, rather than theories. Because we have served countless businesses in every segment of the economy, we understand that every business has different needs and that their distribution centers’ operations should be congruent with those requirements. Hence, our experience allows us to solve complex problems and provide custom automation solutions with ease, as we have likely encountered a similar challenging situation in the past.

material handling integration in action

We are firm believers that successful integration of material handling systems requires knowledge and protocols derived from experience and projects in the real world. We’ll use the example of conveyors to illustrate the nuances involved with integration process.

Conveyors are important because they facilitate most of the operations associated within manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing facilities. More specifically, they are used to transport a product that has been manufactured to a packing operation, where it will then be placed inside a case. Cases are then transported via conveyor to a palletizing operation, which in turn will convey pallets to a warehouse drop off point for storage put-away.

In this example, there would have been three different categories of conveyor: one capable of handling a single piece, another to transport cases, and a third capable of conveying a pallet. All of these conveyors have different design criteria and specifications that have to be considered. In addition, the conveyors would need to be engineered to facilitate other operations that take place while the product is being conveyed, such as weighing, scanning, metal detection, labeling, and a host of other tasks.

And although the above example is a great illustration of how integration can get complicated very quickly, there are still many more components that are part of the process. That is why partnering with professionals that have a proven track record in everything from design to installation of custom automation is essential.

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