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Navigating the permit process in New Jersey and the tri-state area can be complicated and a time drain for many organizations. What can be a rather frustrating experience for our clients is a simplified process for ABCO Systems that we thoroughly understand. That’s because we’ve been helping customers with permit facilitation for over ten years and have the advantage to lean on this experience to make sure that we execute in face of unpredictable events and keep your project moving along.

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Working with ABCO Systems means that we have the people and protocols in place to ensure that all your needed permits and applications are submitted on time and correctly. The effective navigation of the permit process is an essential part of laying the ground work for a successful distribution center project, which is why no matter where your distribution center is located, we are here to help your team achieve it’s business and operational goals.

Steps of Permit Facilitation in New Jersey and elsewhere

The approval process for permits in New Jersey has always been challenging for companies. There is a lot of required information necessary in order to submit plans for review. In the Meadowlands the challenge is compounded because permits are reviewed by two entities rather than one.

In most municipalities, the required paperwork is submitted directly to the office of the Building Code Official. In the Meadowlands, all paperwork is actually received by the local township, then released to be delivered and reviewed by a Plan Reviewer of the NJMC. Once approved by the NJMC, the plans are then released back to the local township for further review and then finally a permit.

Once the project is complete, the township must come in and approve. Once approved by the township, the NJMC Plan Reviewer also performs an inspection for approval.

All of this is facilitated by the end user or an agent of the end user. With that said, this process can’t start until all the necessary documents have been gathered. All documents must be submitted in triplicate and must include a stamp from either an Architect or a Professional Engineer. No documents will be received by the local township or the NJMC without this.

Depending on the type of work being performed, the plans required will vary.

This process is very similar in townships across the country. We have contacts and expertise in many cities and towns and can provide excellent service wherever your facility is located.
such as weighing, scanning, metal detection, labeling, and a host of other tasks.
And although the above example is a great illustration of how integration can get complicated very quickly, there are still many more components that are part of the process. That is why partnering with professionals that have a proven track record in everything from design to installation.

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