Shelving & Storganizer

Rivet Shelving-Boltless Steel Shelving

Reduce costs with RiveTier®: RiveTier® boltless shelving systems maximize existing square footage economically – all the boltless shelving can be disassembled with ease, transported, and recombined to create extra storage where needed. As a leading RiveTier shelving distributor, we offer a wide range of boltless industrial shelving and shelving parts.

Installation costs of boltless steel shelving are 30-40% lower than bolted shelving because rapid assembly requires much less time.

Four-sided Access: Four beam styles to accommodate every storage situation. No sway or cross bracing means employees have four-side access to the product.

Effortless Installation: Boltless steel shelving connections facilitate quick, foolproof assembly. All components ship to the job site in a fully-accessorized, compact bundle ready for assembly. Only tool needed is a rubber mallet.

14 Gauge Steel Tough and Versatile: RiveTier® shelving systems can handle long spans and low-profiles. Heavy-duty posts for catwalk applications. Completely freestanding.

Steel Shelving

Fast shipping and installation of industrial, warehouse and commercial steel shelving units made in the USA. We have heavy duty and light duty storage systems that are manufactured from cold rolled steel for high strength and durability.

  • Open shelf units use sway bracing
  • Closed shelf units use backs and sides
  • A wide range shelving sizes
  • Available in colors of gray, mist gray, dove grey, sand, blue, tan, putty, red, black and pearl white
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Powder coat finish
  • Adjustable steel flange shelves
  • Boxer (box shelf) adjustable steel box shelves are available. All 4 corners are lapped and welded for additional strength
  • Shelving units are available in 18, 20, and 22 gauge steel
  • Upright posts sizes vary from 3ft high – 16ft high
  • Heavy duty warehouse shelving
  • Auto parts storage shelving systems



Optimizing your storage costs per square meter and maximizing picking efficiency can be a constant challenge. Racking works well for high-volume, fast movers. But what about smaller, rarely-ordered inventory items like spare parts or rare books?
This is where the Storeganizer system comes to the rescue. This innovative, high-density storage system provides a slim fit for all your small slow movers.


Storeganizer ingeniously optimizes storage costs per square meter through columns of easy-to-reach, square industrial fabric pockets hung vertically. They are lightweight yet can hold 100 kg per column and can be guaranteed for up to 10 years. This way you can cost-effectively optimize the use of rack space.

A recent impartial study showed nearly 38% savings in usable storage space using the Storeganizer concept. Another showed manual order pickers traveled 42% less retrieving product versus older rack and shelf systems. One large warehouse saved no less than 90% of its space in square and cubic metres with Storeganizer columns.


Items can be stored in various pocket dimensions. Pockets could be barcoded to minimize picking errors. Front covers, dividers or front stops are available as additional options.