ABCO Systems Storage Solutions

Cantilever Storage Rack

Structural cantilever racking is what you need for handling medium- to extra heavy-duty loads. Ideal for storing short, long or awkwardly-shaped items, our cantilever racking features a special arm system designed for easy front loading without obstruction. Structural steel components guarantee superior strength. Punched holes run the full height of each column upright, providing excellent adaptability and versatility for all of your storage requirements. Built for the toughest industrial applications, all connections use high-strength structural grade bolts.

Our durable, powder-coated paint finish is standard and offers ultra-resilient protection for all indoor applications. If outdoor use is required, columns and bases are coated in a polyurethane liquid paint for enhanced durability. Your cantilever racking will look great, even after years of exposure to the elements.

Choose between straight or inclined arms with optional removable arm and base stopper pins. Our cantilever racking is available in both single- and double-sided units.

To best suit the needs of your application, ABCO systems offers 2 column designs: LD and HD.

  • LD Columns use a 4” structural I-beam upright with a 3” vertical arm adjustment. Ideal for medium- to heavy-duty loads.
  • HD Columns use a 5” structural I-beam upright with a 4” vertical arm adjustment. Ideal for medium, heavy- and extra heavy-duty loads.