ABCO Systems Storage Solutions

Pallet Flow Conveyors

Pallet Flow designs are engineered to perform and manufactured to last! With custom solutions for ALL applications, from economical shallow depth pick module systems to the most challenging deep lane flow systems in harsh environments. Choose from a variety of system types to meet your unique pallet flow rack and application requirements; Full and Split Roller Pallet Flow, Heavy Duty Magnum Wheel and Skate Wheel.

Maximize Storage Capacity: Close to double the storage in the same footprint

Increase Throughput: Less travel with consolidated picking and replenishment

Decrease Equipment Costs: Few forklifts needed

Reduce Labor Expense: Less forklift travel and pallet handling

Better Inventory Control: Ideal for dated and/or perishable goods

steel skate wheel pallet flow racking

Steel skate wheel pallet flow is an economical solution for both shallow and deep-lane systems handling pallets up to 2000#. Durable, high-performance wheels are galvanized for rust and corrosion protection.

magnum wheel pallet flow racking

Magnum is the most durable pallet flow wheel available, manufactured from reinforced resin to hold-up in the harshest warehousing conditions and under the heaviest pallet flow loads. Guaranteed with a Lifetime Abuse Warranty.

speed controllers

Speed controllers enable pallets to stay centered and track better down the flow lane for reliable, safe, steady pallet flow. Four speed controller options are available for different lane configurations and pallets weighing 25# to 3000#.