Pick Modules

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Enhancing materials handling facilities is just one of the ways that we help our clients achieve more. Pick modules help improve order fulfillment operations and quickly deliver a positive return on investment. Integrating one of these modules into your existing operations is simple and can be done in less time than you might imagine. Improve existing distribution center design with superior storage solutions provided by ABCO Systems.

Increasing Operational Volume and Efficiency with Pick Modules

Pick modules are selected by operations managers looking to improve these four key areas:

  • Rapid order picking
  • Supporting high throughput
  • Maximizing the value of available space
  • Improving ROI

Facilitating rapid throughput of SKUs and other product information helps warehouses improve order turnaround time, rates of loss and damage, and overall accuracy rates. The leading pick modules can handle high throughput volumes and utilized gravity assist pallets. These pallets can be easily split and picked up by employees, so efficiency at every stage remains admirably high.

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What Equipment Is Required?

Pick modules are often associated with large warehouse environments that must keep up with high demand on a more or less continual basis. Smaller warehouses may not handle the same kind of volume, but virtually any materials handling facility can benefit from the improved efficiency offered by leading pick modules, conveyors, pallet racks, and other specialized equipment.

Investing in new equipment can provide the foundation for future growth. Expanding the nature of your warehouse can attract new clients and offer a greater spectrum of services to existing customers. Selecting equipment with an eye for development is an important part of long-term strategy development.

Helping You Increase Efficiency

Our warehouse design solutions are just one of the ways that ABCO Systems can assist business owners enhance floor operations. We can tell you about the equipment capable of facilitating existing operational needs while still giving you the support for future growth. Contact our team by calling 201.507.0999.