Inbound & Shipping Sortation

NBS®90 Narrow Belt Sorter

Reliable, accurate 65 cpm sortation

TGW’s NBS 90 conveyor employs a series of narrow belts, each with patented individual take-up. High-friction rollers raise to grip and gently divert products at a 90-degree angle right or left, on-the-fly. Continuous contact between belt and product provides maximum tracking accuracy, for optimum sort reliability. The NBS 90 carries products at speeds up to 300 feet per minute and achieves a sort rate of up to 65 cases per minute (single side).

Diverts in the NBS 90 experience less product tipping and skewing, and overall superior diverting characteristics. Unstable products are successfully diverted with the exclusive limited slip-clutch design that provides a small acceleration ramp for diverting. Energy consumption of the TGW NBS is over 87% less than belt with pop-up wheel sorter with a conventional sorter construction. This energy savings translates into less noise, belt pull, and component wear. Energy usage is 60% less than for conventional sorters. In addition, installation time for NBS sorters is close to half of conventional sorters. NBS diverts are easily repositioned to suit the application or to reconfigure. Belt mistracking is eliminated with the total belt retention system. Maintenance requirements are minimal.

Technical Data

  • Maximum Speed: 300 fpm
  • Maximum Throughput: 65 cpm single direction and 55 cpm bi-directional
  • Product Weight: 50 lbs/ft or 75 lbs/product
  • Dimensions of Product: Min. 6″ x 9″, Max. 28″ x 36″
  • Min. Gap Required Between Products: 18″
  • Min. Dist. Between Divert Points: Spur width x 2 + 5″
  • Max. Length of Sorter: 200′

NBS®90 PolySort

TGW NBS technology includes sorting of polybags and “non-sortable”.

We are proud to introduce the TGW Systems NBS90 PolySort— the newest sorter in our family of proven NBS sortation technologies. The NBS90 PolySort is the best value in new technology for sortation of mixed polybag and carton handling. The new design enhancements prevent polybags from sagging between the belts while high-friction natural rubber transfer rollers provide maximum grab on slippery polybags. Individual, automatic, pneumatic, belt take-ups provide even belt tension on each individual belt and extra high and low transfer lifts with guides to keep polybags from snagging.

The NBS90 PolySort is capable of belt speeds up to 300 feet per minute and can be used with an extreme range of mixed poly and Jiffy envelopes, and products, including small parcels and packages from 2 ounce to 40 pounds.

These features and more, make the NBS90 PolySort extremely adaptable to a wide range of ecommerce and direct to consumer needs. In addition, it is an industry-proven technology in the already established NBS family of sortation products by TGW.

Technical Data

  • Product Weight Range: 2oz to 40lbs
  • Max. Rate: 50 CPM (Higher rates are possible contact Applications Engineering for testing)
  • Product Size: 4” x 4” x 2oz to 24” x 28” x 40lbs.

Natrix Sliding Shoe Sortation

High-performance sortation of variable product sizes into multiple divert lanes on either side!

TGW’s Natrix sliding show sorter conveys products on a sorter bed consisting of extruded aluminum profiles. Shoes slide across these profiles, diverting products to pre-selected destinations. Different types of discharge lanes are available, e.g. driven roller conveyors, non-driven roller conveyors or gravity chutes. Modular in design for easy assembly and reconfiguration, Natrix is a high performance yet quiet and low-maintenance sortation system.

Technical Data

  • Speed: max. 2.6 m/s (510′ fpm)
  • Nominal width: 420 (16.5″), 620 (24.4″), 820 (32.3″), 1020 (40.2″)
  • Divert angle: 22° / 30°
  • Transfers: single sided / dual sided
  • Load weight: max. 50 kg (110 lbs.)
  • Load dimensions: – min. 100 x 100 mm (3.9 x 3.9″) – max. 1500 x 1000 mm (59 x 39″)