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ABCO Systems Print and Apply Solutions

ABCO Systems provides Print and Apply systems as standalone and fully automated conveyor systems. As the labor costs associated with hand labeling rises there is an opportunity for greatly increased efficiency and order accuracy in this process. Print and Apply systems have never been more affordable. The labor pool available to do the simple task of label application is shrinking quickly and the total cost of a FTE is approaching $40,000 in some regions of the US.

Benefits of Print and Apply Systems

Print and Apply systems are extremely beneficial in the shipping and manifesting process. Typical systems include a barcode scanner to identify the particular parcel, a print/apply machine, conveyor for inducting, labeling, and discharge, a verification scanner to read the printed label, software to merge data, and communicate with the host system, and shipping software as required.

Print and Apply systems are not solely used in conveyor shipping systems. Many companies have products that are time stamped, serialized, or require a variation in every label that is applied to the product or shipping box.

Labeling Software and Control

One of the keys to a successful Print and Apply labeling system is how it communicates to a host system or shipping software package. Many “hardware only” Print and Apply sellers are unable to provide a complete Print and Apply solution. The application of labels and the scanners associated with it create an opportunity also implement a conveyor sortation system. ABCO Systems has help many customers project cost by getting the most utilization out of the technology purchased. Using one scanner to handle Print and Apply, Inline Weighing, Dimensioning, and Conveyor Sortation is a great example of getting the best ROI for system. ABCO systems handles the entire integration from hardware to interfacing with a host environments as well as shipping software packages such as ConnectShip (ShipExec), CMS, ProShipand many other multi-carrier packages.

Worried about integration?

Our team has integrated with virtually every WMS system and many “homegrown” systems. They will be a valuable resource to your IT to achieve both Print and Apply and automation goals. Call us today to speak to a solutions team member that can tailor a solution to your needs. Call: 201-507-0999



The Panther Phantom

Built on the foundations of our iconic P2000 and P8 systems, the Panther Phantom is the labeling automation solution designed to support your need for speed. Featuring numerous applicator options, this system can be custom-configured to address your company’s requirements to achieve maximum throughput.

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The Panther Predator

Introducing our fastest, most adaptive label application system ever. The Predator is built for speed – and accuracy – to boost your throughput and elevate your business. This feature-rich – and all-electric – label automation system is the durable, reliable option for exceptional performance.

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