How Stockroom Optimization Can Maximize Efficiency

Are you struggling to maintain an acceptable level of efficiency in your stockroom? While incentives, pep talks and focused disciplinary techniques can help, stockroom optimization and warehouse design are two of the most effective tools for promoting greater productivity. Here are a few of the top ways stockroom optimization services from ABCO Systems LLC can help maximize efficiency.

Promote a More Work-Friendly Environment

A stockroom that is in disarray is a stockroom that welcomes laziness and disorder. A study published in the Journal of Public Affairs, Administration and Management reveals that office design has a considerable impact on the productivity of the employees who work there. These findings can easily be applied to a warehouse setting as well. Employees who work in a warehouse space that is well-lit, organized and feels spacious are more likely to adopt efficient behaviors.

Ease of Access

It is much easier to access items when your storeroom is well organized and makes the best use of available space. We offer various methods that help companies make the best use of vertical storage while freeing up more of their square footage and making their warehouse appear more spacious. A few of these vertical storage methods include:

  • Mezzanines
  • Pallet racks
  • Spinners
  • Lofts
  • Rolling racks
  • Shelving

Maximizing vertical storage methods helps improve ease of access by ensuring that employees have enough room to navigate pallet jacks and other pieces of large equipment as needed.

More User-Friendly Arrangements With ABCO Stockroom Optimization Services

When items are haphazardly lumped onto shelves and are not arranged in a user-friendly way, it can cause a dramatic drop in productivity. The ideal stockroom should have areas dedicated to specific items. Ideally, more popular items should be more centrally-located for quick access while less popular items should be located on the outskirts of your warehouse. Your goal should be to store your inventory in the most user-friendly arrangements possible in order to maximize efficiency. Stockroom optimization is one of the most effective ways to achieve this goal and help you create a stockroom that encourages maximum productivity.