Benefits Go Beyond Price for Warehouse Mezzanines

Benefits Go Beyond Price for Warehouse Mezzanines

We have discussed in the past whether the prices for warehouse mezzanines justify their inclusion in your distribution center or warehouse. In this earlier article we break out some cost scenarios for mezzanines  and help you figure out whether the cost of a mezzanine is a good investment for your company. Let’s look at cost as only one part of the equation for mezzanines and delve into some additional ones as well.

Warehouse Mezzanines

Cost: If you are near one of the coasts or in a place where real estate cost if high, say you are looking at the price for mezzanines in New Jersey, it makes sense to put a mezzanine into your building because that will be less than gaining space by acquiring more real estate.

You pay for the mezzanine once, whereas your square footage is a monthly recurring cost. The true beauty of investing in a mezzanine is that you increase your usable space without increasing your monthly rent. And if you own your distribution center you get an increase of floor space without having the cost of building out.

Flexibility: Mezzanines can be used to support almost any application that you can think of in the warehouse. Not just for additional storage but as pick modules, or as office space or GOH storage, the use of mezzanines vary for your individual situation and your individual goals.

How you use your mezzanine will affect the end cost so be sure to factor that into your calculations. For instance flow rack with an integrated conveyor system will be more expensive than office space

However cost should not be your only consideration for how you use your mezzanines, you also need to think about your process and how you can get the best ROI.

Less disruption: Often we can install a mezzanine without interrupting the day to day operations of your distribution center or warehouse. This means that you are not losing any money or incurring downtime while you are increasing the productivity of your distribution center when you add a mezzanine. Compare that to moving your operations to gain space.

So while the price of mezzanines is an important consideration there are other benefits that you should consider as well. If you are thinking about adding a mezzanine or you are interested in seeing how we can help optimize the space that you have, give ABCO Systems a call and let’s talk.