equipment maintenance Customers are demanding variety and businesses are listening. Studies show that warehouses are trending towards a higher inventory of SKUs. With inventory and storage demands becoming more complex, warehouse equipment maintenance is crucial. Planning and conducting proactive equipment maintenance provides long-term benefits. Here are the top five advantages to be aware of:

Helps Keep Operations Running Fast and Smooth

Warehouse operations are a well-oiled machine with many areas all working in tandem. One section running afoul of an equipment breakdown can often affect multiple timelines.

Equipment maintenance ensures operations run on time. It does this by making sure all the equipment you rely on day-to-day runs efficiently.

Regular maintenance also catches any equipment malfunctions. This ensures they’re dealt with early, turning potential major slow-downs into manageable repairs.

Pick Up Problem Warning Signs Early

It’s always better to catch small service issues before they blow up into major problems.

Flagging these issues early enables you to repair the problem before it blows out. This can mean the difference between a small fix and a replacement. After all, equipment replacement isn’t cheap.

Staying on top of these problems can be key to keeping your budget in the black.

Early detection also keeps equipment from breaking down on the job. This enhances workplace safety and prevents slowdown due to manual handling.

Prevent Overtime Maintenance Work

Scheduled equipment maintenance ensures any required work is performed during regular work hours. Sudden, unscheduled maintenance after a breakdown may result in delays. It can also lead to maintenance work running into overtime.

Regular maintenance can keep sudden overtime work spikes to a minimum. This will mean your company saves money. On top of that, your employees will maintain their work/life balance.

Increase Residual Values

Keeping your equipment well maintained is one of the best things you can do for its resale value. Equipment maintenance is one of the first things savvy buyers will look for.

Trade-in deals also value equipment that has been regularly maintained. Thus, it’s worth the time and effort.

Improve Workplace Safety

Equipment failures aren’t just a blow to the efficiency of a facility. They can also be catastrophic for the safety of your employees.

Performing regular check-ups helps ensure you catch any potential safety issues early. This can mean the difference between a small fix and a major safety concern. Regular maintenance guarantees that your workers stay safe on the job.

Be Proactive about Your Equipment Maintenance

Scheduled check-ups of all warehouse equipment improve workplace safety. It also prevents expensive overtime work and keeps your warehouse running efficiently.

At ABCO Systems, we offer free equipment check-ups to address early warning signs.

Expert technicians perform on-site inspections of equipment and flag potential concerns. This lets you schedule repairs ahead of major breakdowns. It also lets you plan downtime for times of low operational demand.

Get in touch today to see how we can keep your warehouse operations running smoothly!