Regardless of the size of a business, storage will always be a necessity as long as items are being bought and sold.  Your warehouse storage solutions are critical.

But while small business owners may be able to get away with storing inventory in their office or home, if you’re a large business or deal with large inventory, you need warehouse storage solutions that allow you to properly manage the flow of inventory.

Your chosen storage solutions should help keep your storage space organized and easily accessible when orders are placed. It should also minimize the potential for damage to products, and keep your employees safe while working in your warehouse.

If your business needs to improve it’s storage efficiency, check out these awesome warehouse storage solutions to find the one that’s right for you.

Garment on Hanger

If you own an apparel or fashion company, you could store your products in boxes, bags, or other containers.

But you’ll risk creasing, tearing, or otherwise damaging your products.

As the demand for higher-quality clothing in delicate fabrics, like natural fibers, thin cottons, and more, increases, so does the demand for warehouse storage solutions that protect these materials.

That’s where our Garment on Hanger, or GOH, system comes in.

This system allows you to hang your apparel products on hangers, preventing creases and wrinkles. The clothing is stored in bags, and the storage systems help to ensure that the items stay hanging, even as products are pulled from the warehouse and shipped.

Warehouse Mezzanines

As your business grows and you bring in larger amounts of inventory or diversify the products that you offer, you may find yourself in need of more storage space.

You could begin the difficult process of finding a new warehouse, paying for the extra space, and moving all of your inventory and operations. Or you could optimize the warehouse you have to increase your storage space.

Warehouse mezzanines help to increase the amount of usable space that you have by helping you expand vertically.

Pallet Racks

The ability to store products on pallets, rather than having to unpack them as they arrive, can not only help you save space but can also help save you and your employees time.

Pallet racks are one of the best storage solutions for businesses that sell products by the pallet. Products can be easily ordered, stored, and shipped without any added work in between.

Pick Modules

If you carry a variety of types of products, you need a variety of storage solutions.

With pick modules, you can customize different storage solutions to fit your business’ unique needs. Integrate pallet racks, GOH systems, and more, and customize how they are installed in your warehouse to improve storage efficiency.

Choose the Warehouse Storage Solutions that Work Best for Your Business

Every business is unique, and has it’s own unique storage demands.

With so many options for warehouse storage solutions, there’s an option out there that is perfect for every business.

If you’re ready to find the one that’s right for yours, contact us today to learn more about our custom storage systems.