In the ever-changing world of supply chain management, warehouse automation is a key factor in ensuring that an operation runs effectively and efficiently. Batch picking and automated sorting are two technologies that can help reduce costs and improve accuracy in your warehouse. Let’s take a closer look at how these systems work and why they should be part of your warehousing strategy.

Batch Picking

Batch picking is a process that combines orders into batches before they are picked from the shelves. This system reduces the number of trips to the shelves required to fill orders, which increases efficiency while minimizing errors. The process starts with order consolidation software that looks at incoming orders and consolidates them into batches based on common elements like customer or ship-to location, product type, or order size. Once orders are consolidated into batches, pickers move through each batch in sequence to pick items quickly and accurately.

Automated Sorting Systems

Automated sorting systems are used to optimize the storage capacity of warehouses as well as streamline outbound processes. These systems use algorithms to determine which products should be stored where in order to maximize space utilization, minimize handling time, and increase throughput times for outgoing orders. Automated sorting systems are also capable of automatically routing products based on their destination or other criteria, allowing for greater flexibility in managing inventory flow within a facility.

As warehouses become more complex and operations become more demanding, technologies like batch picking and automated sorting can help you stay ahead of the competition by improving efficiency and reducing costs. By implementing these solutions now, you can ensure that you have an efficient warehouse operation today so you can remain competitive tomorrow. ABCO Systems will make the most of your batch picking by integrating with the right automation solution.  Supply chain professionals who want to optimize their operations should seriously consider investing in these tools – it could pay off big in the long run! CONTACT US to speak to an ABCO Team member about the right solution for you.

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