Owning and managing a warehouse requires a distinctive set of skills that few inexperienced people have. Space planning, inventory management, and asset utilization are just a few of the strategies that will need to be implemented in order to maximize the value of each square foot and protect the goods being stored. Keep these warehouse design tips in mind when organizing your warehouse space for the first time. Remember, if you are looking for pallet racks and other storage solutions, ABCO Systems has many valuable options to consider.

Shop With Specifics in Mind

Rounded numbers are not always going to help you shop for the right distribution center design solutions. You are going to need exact measurements to conduct space allotment calculations. These are some of the figures that warehouse managers will need to know:

  • Exact square footage
  • Loading bay height
  • Maximum load capacity of mezzanines, racks, hoists, and walkways
  • Maximum stacking height
  • Door, hallway, and passage height clearance

Storage structures, retrieval vehicles, and other warehouse equipment are going to have to work within the physical constraints of the existing site; additionally, they will have to accommodate the nature of the goods stored. However, the goods stored cannot exceed the performance capacity of vehicles and structures so a careful compromise has to be found.

Store According to Type

Stacks are not the perfect storage arrangement for all goods; shelving cannot accommodate every item type. Having a variety of storage solutions available is optimal, although few warehouses are going to be able to accommodate all possible types of goods. Creating sections of space dedicated to certain types of storage helps maximize these solutions. This also allows for optimal access and safe, efficient retrieval.

We Can Help With Warehouse Design

ABCO Systems offers design assistance and other consultation services; just call 201.507.0999. We can help you identify exactly what equipment is required for your new warehouse.