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Knowing how to install pallet racking can help you determine whether it is worthwhile to do it yourself or to hire out the installation.  When you are putting together your warehouse design, being able to install your own equipment and infrastructure supplies means being able to control your bottom line. That’s why it is important to understand the labor costs and timelines for items like pallet rack installation.

Individual Instructions on How to Install Pallet Racking

The first thing to understand is that every manufacturer has slightly different instructions for how the pallet racks should come together. That means that you will need to refer to the individual instructions for your pallet racking to see how the pieces should fit. This also helps you to better determine whether or not your installation is going according to plan. Once you have understood the individual instructions that will let you put together the structures in your plan, it’s important to move on to the step they all have in common: concrete anchoring.

Anchoring Your New Racks to Concrete

Make sure that you are going into this process with a floor plan, first and foremost. From there:

  1. Consider whether you should use strike anchors or wedge anchors. Consult the specifications for your particular ABCO Systems model for recommendations.
  2. Using the holes in the bottom of the racking as a template, carefully drill the holes for your anchors.
  3. Clear the holes of all debris with a shop vac or air hose.
  4. Place the washes and thread the nuts for each anchor.
  5. Place each anchor in the hole, through the legs of your pallet racks.
  6. Hammer the anchors into each hole and tighten all nuts with a torque wrench until they attain the correct tightness.

That is how to install pallet racking. From there, it’s just a matter of putting together your rack according to the manufacturer’s directions.