Effective warehouse design is essential for any business that desires efficiency with shipping products quickly to customers. While a certain amount of design depends on business preferences, here are a few easy ways to maximize the organization of any warehouse.

Keep Aisles Clear and Wide

It’s difficult to find the products a customer wants when everything is cluttered. It’s even more problematic when employees can’t navigate the warehouse floor without running into boxes. Keep aisles clear and wide for employees to quickly move through and for safer operation of machinery such as lifts.

Clearly Label Boxes

Time is precious when quickly fulfilling a customer order. When employees have to open boxes to check their contents, it not only wastes time, but it also creates a mess. Clearly label the boxes and place a digital picture of the contents on the outside so employees know what’s inside without opening them.

Store Like Items Together

Keep clothing together, keep toys together, keep electronics together. Storing like items together makes it easier to locate a specific product. It streamlines the picking process as well because employees know immediately where they need to go to grab the items.

Store Products Vertically

Utilize pallet racks or an industrial mezzanine system to store products vertically as opposed to horizontally. This saves space, making room for even more products. This is ideal for items that can be stacked one on top of the other. For products that cannot be stacked, such as appliances, store them one behind the other in the same area.

Implement an Effective Pick System in your Warehouse Design

The manner in which your employees locate and box items for a single shipment is the pick module. There are a variety of ways to pick products from a warehouse. Whatever method your business uses, make sure it is efficient and effective.

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