Pallet Rack

There is an interesting trend in the used pallet rack market.  When renting a warehouse, some landlords are throwing in a perceived bonus to get new tenants.  Not only do they get the space, but it comes with rack already installed.

What a deal, right!

Well it can be a deal or it could be a nightmare.  The only way to figure out the difference is with a lot of research and maybe some help from an expert.  Both parties, the landlord and the tenant, need to know exactly what they are getting and whether the deal is actually a deal.

Here’s What You Need to Look for When Renting a Warehouse

Current Capacity:  You, when renting a warehouse, don’t know what the plan was by the original tenant that installed the rack.  Were they storing car parts or giant stuffed animals?  Even if you look at the old tenants product and believe it must have been heavier than yours, how do you know they did not have a WMS (warehouse management system) that only allowed certain items on the shelf levels and kept the heavier items on the ground?

Even the placement of the shelf levels effect the load capacity of the uprights.  Without seismic and load calculations based on your product locations or having an experienced partner in the rack business evaluate the capacities of the system you may not realize the danger until it is too late.

Layout:  How did the previous tenant layout the rack?  Was it for single, double, or triple-deep storage?  Does that work for your need?  Does that truly optimize the space you are moving into for your product?  If not, this means you will need to hire a company to relocate the rack so that it will work for your storage.

While this could be a good money saving tactic for the new renter, you need the help of an experienced partner in the rack business, to look over the layout and let you know how much it will be to reconfigure the rack.


You have a building with rack in it, but that may be a turnoff for some renters.  The rack may be for a very specialized layout or business and may not work for 95% of the market.  In this case the best idea for the landlord is to sell the used rack, and rent the building empty.

If you wanted you could even reduce the price of the rental due to the windfall they are receiving for selling the used rack.  Lower rent is always appealing to the market.

If you need help from either side, whether you’re a landlord with a current rack set-up or a client looking to rent or have rented a building with used rack in place, contact ABCO Systems to get a free review of your current storage.  We buy used rack or can help you reconfigure the storage in a way that works for you.