Panther Print and Apply Solutions

Panther Print and Apply Solutions


ABCO Systems Print and Apply Solutions – Panther Industries.

Increase Throughput and Reduce Labor Costs.

Partnered with Panther Industries, ABCO Systems can incorporate Panther labeling automation solutions to maximize your throughput. Supporting e-commerce, retail, distribution, logistics, and mail-order pharmacy markets, a labeling automation solution from Panther Industries is designed to move your items through your system – fast. Specifically, the Predator system which can label packages of varying heights – in motion – with incredible speed and accuracy.

Panther Predator

Operational efficiency within warehouses and distribution centers is pivotal to success especially in the current environment. ABCO Systems is here to help your operations become aligned with the systems needed to increase throughput and accuracy and improve processes to have your fulfillment center achieving excellence. ABCO Systems provides Print and Apply systems as standalone and fully automated conveyor systems. Print and Apply systems are extremely beneficial in the shipping and manifesting process.

Typical Print and Apply systems include a barcode scanner to identify the particular parcel, a print/apply machine, conveyor for inducting, labeling, and discharge, a verification scanner to read the printed label, software to merge data, and communicate with the host system, and shipping software as required. Warehouse automation solutions such as Print and Apply will provide enormous benefits in order fulfillment, speed, accuracy, and overall cost savings. Print and Apply solutions provided by ABCO Systems are an effective way to remove the increasing expenses associated with rising labor costs.

The industry-leading Predator top apply all-electric print-and-apply solution from Panther Industries will increase your throughput, reduce expenses, and decrease waste or loss due to human error.

Key Features of the Predator Labeling System

  • 100% electric servo drive (no compressed air)
  • High speed applicator – up to 200 IPS
  • Adaptive Touch technology provides light touch during label application process
  • Adaptive applicator automatically adjusts to carton height, ensuring accurate and consistent label placement
  • Label application distances up to 58” (tamp), or 18” (swing arm)
  • Remote-mounted 7” touch screen display
  • OEM print engine design for off-the-shelf replacement
  • Error reporting for fast, efficient troubleshooting

Whether you ship hundreds or thousands of packages per day, your operations need speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Together, with Panther Industries, ABCO Systems will provide leading print and apply technology solutions for superior printing and seamless integration.

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