Automation has transformed traditional distribution systems into the smart distribution systems (SDSs) of the future. The availability of data and remote-control capability in SDSs provides distribution operators with an opportunity to optimize system operation and control.

So, what do we mean by Automation Integration?  Automation focuses on reducing or eliminating labor costs by creating a process with a single data entry.  Integration, on the other hand, manages the handing off of data from one software to another.  Both are integral to the efficiency of the distribution center.

The distribution center is the interface between producer and customer. Automated distribution centers offer significant advantages: they are more space-saving, flexible, resource-efficient, process secure, cost-effective, and reliable. This increases the effectiveness of distribution, even in multi-channel retailing.

ABCO Systems has been providing Material Handling Integration solutions to their customers for over 30 years allowing us to utilize our vast experience to provide our customers with a custom solution to fit their unique needs.

Whether you are upgrading your existing automation or looking to implement a new integrated system, ABCO will provide the expertise and elite vendor partners to create the right solution for you.  CLICK to learn more about how we can partner with you to implement an efficient distribution center solution.